WE SCOOP DOG POOP for LE$$ (764-2623)

You are never asked to sign a contract.


+ For ONLY $8 a week for 1 dog. (To be paid at $34.00 a month in advance) 

    $8 X 52 weeks a year = $416  Divide by 12 months a year =$34.00                     

+ Additional dogs will be charged at $3.00 each per week. (Or $13.00 a month) 

   So 2 dogs will be $11 a week, 3 dogs will be $14 a week, and so on


             SREVICE DAY DEPENDENT ON YOUR LOCATION __________________________________________________________________

+ So fee's will be:

  1 dog is $34.00 a month, which is $8 a week,

  2 dogs are $47.00 a month, which is $11 a week,

  3 dogs are $60.00 a month, which is $14 a week.



                          *SAVE BY PAYING IN ADVANCE: 

           Pay 3 or more months at once and save 5%



+ Payment to be made by cash, check, PayPal, or Direct Pay (If your Bank offers it)*.

+ (*Returned Checks = $25.00 Return Fee)

+ (*Checks and PayPal, to be paid by first visit of each month )  

+ (*Late Checks and PayPal received after the first visit must pay a $13 late fee)

+ (*PayPal, and Direct Pay must be paid by the 5th of the month, to avoid late fee)



+ It's twice the fee. ( It's $8 a visit, or $16 a week ) which is still half the cost  of our competitors.

+ (With PayPal, and Direct Pay you must make double payment. On Bi-Weekly Service.)


*There will be a first time clean up fee for messed up yards!  Starting at $35 and Up.  

* One time clean ups start at $35.00, and Up! 


*If we show up and can not do the job, because of the gate being locked, or dogs that bite being loose in the yard...  

                        (It still counts as a service call)

*Also if we need to go through more than one gate, there maybe a double zone fee of $13 extra per month.


           !!!We Are The Low Cost Leaders!!!

           Give your dog a KleanScoop yard!

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